The benifits of arts and crafts for your child

The benifits of arts and crafts for your child

Children love to explore their world through the sense of touch. With this natural exploration of creativity comes a significant connection to higher IQ levels as adults.

NASAA put out an extensive study explaining the importance of having children be creative at a young age.

“A growing body of studies, including those in the research compendium

Critical Links, presents compelling evidence connecting student learning

in the arts to a wide spectrum of academic and social benefits. These studies

document the habits of mind, social competencies and personal dispositions

inherent to arts learning. Additionally, research has shown that what students

learn in the arts may help them to master other subjects, such as reading,

math or social studies.”


What are the things children learn through painting and other creative art?

When your child is painting very abstract piece of artwork they are doing much more than just pushing their little fingers across the canvas they are developing ideas and going through the process of how to get the outcome they want. As you know decisions are a very important aspect of every persons life.

While your child is making their artwork it is very important to ask them questions about it. Such as “I see you made really nice green circles, do you think you will make circles in other colors?” This will encourage your child to express and use reasoning.

At Wee Can Too we are true believers in the benefits that art can give children. We have made this process safer by all providing our customers with a large line of all organic art supplies.

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