Summer fun!!


Summer fun!!

The more I read about artificial chemical coloring, the less I want to use it.

Of course in our culture it’s everywhere and I really try to keep it out of my children’s diet as much as possible.  I just notice in the summer, it gets so much harder with popsicles, otter pops and snow cones in demand.  I’ve actually been wanting to make a simple syrup for a long time and I was amazed at how easy it was to make my own in minutes!!  I simply used the same organic fruit powders that we use in our art supplies!  I used our blue cabbage powder for blue, beet powder for red, turmeric for yellow and mixed those for other colors like purple and orange.  I advise adding these powders to some warm water so they are in liquid form.  Here are the instructions:

1 tsp. Beet powder (you can get this in bulk at the natural foods store)

1 tsp. Natural blue coloring (or you can make your own)

1 tsp. Turmeric powder (you can get this in bulk at the natural foods store)

3 cups of honey or organic sugar

6 cups of water

Heat water, sugar/honey in a sauce pan until boiling.  While that is heating, add about 1/4 cup of water in small bowls or ramicans and turn those powders into liquid dyes.  Pour each color (you can make purple, orange and green by mixing your primary colors together) into a pint sized mason jars.  Then add your water mixture to the dyes and you have your organic simple syrup….put a lid on it and store it for other projects.  

Here is part two for making the ice pops!

I have a bubble water maker, which I love…Soda Stream and bubble water is key in making these taste like the store bought version.  You will need to create a fake 7-Up for this recipe:

2 cups of plain bubble water

1/2 cup of lemon juice

(don’t worry about sweetener, this is where the simple syrup comes in.


Add just a few teaspoons of your colored simple syrup to each popsicle mold, then pour your fake 7-Up until each mold is full.

Place in the freezer until frozen and enjoy!!

I also add Vitamin C powder and Vitamin D drops to my kids pops for an extra vitamin boost!

Use your simple syrup for snow cone color, italian sodas, anything!!

Have fun, it truly only takes a few moments and I will feel so much better about my kids eating their cool treats this summer!

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  1. Thomasicelp November 19, 2017

    Из-за наличия гибкого дна, тяжкий человек может своим весом сломать её Для чего нужен шкаф-купе в офис?.

  2. AlbertWeirl December 8, 2017

    Маячковые профили послужат ограничителем, чтоб сделать все совершенно ровно с допуском в один мм/м2 ссылочку.

  3. MichaelFamma January 10, 2018

    В отличие от гипсокартонного потолка, отступ натяжного полотна от поверхности может составлять несколько см

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