Do it Yourself Wednesday Craft

Paper and Art

Do it Yourself Wednesday Craft

Wee Can Too’s DIY Wednesday!

We started doing something interesting here at Wee Can Too. We are doing DIY Wednesday’s every week. (Do it yourself Wednesday’s will consist of a fun craft or activity for your little one’s) Stay tuned! We’re planning some fun one’s ahead.

Canvas and Finger Paint

As an aunt of four I got to experience the joy and exhaustion of attempting crafts this past weekend. With the oldest being eight and the youngest just over a year the Wee Can Too finger paints was the perfect tool to our fun filled night. We used the Tottle Finger Paint that comes in a set of 5 and retails for $34.99. The idea was to be able to make a piece of art that is worthy to hang up but easy enough for a one year old to do.

The items that you will need for the project.

  • Canvas of any size. We used 16×22” canvas.
  • Masking Tape
  • Wee Can Too Finger Paint
  • Lots of Smiles


Paper and Art


The next step was the 3 year olds favorite part! You apply the tape to the canvas. We used two one that the adults did (Star Shaped) and then the other we let the kids lay the tape down. Surprisingly the kids one turned out way better than the adults! So my advice step back and let your children’s creativity strive.

Step two


Unlike traditional finger paints you can identify exactly what is in the finger paints just by smelling it.

DIY Wednesdays


“Kiki it smells like tomatoes! Like spaghetti.” – Scarlett age 3.


Although all the children did have a blast getting into finger paints the one year old was the center of attention with his messy painting skills.

Step five


After you are finished painting the surface area you will let dry for 5 minutes!

DIY Wednesday's
DIY Wednesday’s

I would love to say our canvases turned out to be a work of art comparable to Picasso but they did not. They were fun and allowed the kids to have fun a cold winters night.

DIY Wednesday's
DIY Wednesday’s

We hope you have fun with the DIY Wednesday…stay tuned!




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